How to Toast Nuts

Using just a frying pan to toast nuts makes it a super fast and delicious way to bring out the flavor. Use these nuts for salads or to just snack on.

Kitchen Tip - How to Easily Chop Boiled EggsHow I chop my boiled eggs for egg salad, potato salad, or any recipe that calls for chopped boiled eggs.

Kitchen Tip - How to Easily Peel PeachesPeel peaches the easy way for recipes such as salsa.

Lynn's Dry RubLynn shares her dry rub recipe that can be used for pork or chicken.

Cooking Tip Squeezing Water from SpinachCooking Tip - Squeezing the water from spinach the easy, non-messy way.

Homemade Taco Seasoning MixThis Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix is a great alternative to the package taco seasoning mixes.

Homemade French Vanilla CoffeeA homemade coffee creamer that has none of the undesirable ingredients that a store bought coffee creamer might contain.

Flour and Sugar ShakersUsing a flour or sugar shaker is a really convenient way to have flour ready whenever you need to roll out any kind of dough or have powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar ready for a dessert or cinnamon toast.