Ziploc Bag Ice Cream

Lynn demonstrates how to make Ice Cream in a Ziploc Bag.  This is a super fun recipe to make with children or if you are just in the mood for ice cream and don't have any on hand.  It requires ingredients that are usually on hand.


  • 1 cup half & half or milk
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 cups ice
  • ¼ cup rock salt, or Kosher salt
  • Add ins & toppings
  • 1 gallon size Ziploc bag
  • 1 quart size Ziploc bag

Mix half & half or milk with sugar and vanilla.  Whisk until all mixed together.  Pour into quart size bag and seal very well.  

In the gallon size bag, put 2 cups of ice and ¼ cup of rock salt or Kosher salt.  

Place the quart size Ziploc bag inside the gallon Ziploc bag.   Seal very well.  Shake back and forth, turning and sloshing back and forth until ice cream thickens.  This will take about 5 minutes or maybe a little more.

Take out the quart size bag and thoroughly wipe the salt off the outside, open and mix with your favorite add ins.  Some suggestions are chocolate chips, toffee bits, fruit, granola, etc.

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Lynn's Recipes: August 2013

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