Peach LemonadeLynn demonstrates how to make a delicious, refreshing Peach Lemonade that is perfect for this time of year when peaches are in season.

Peach SmoothieA great smoothie recipe that can be turned into a cocktail smoothie by adding Peach Schnapps and vodka if you choose.

Peppermint Whipped CreamA delicious whipped cream that is delicious served in hot chocolate. This is particularly good to have during the Holiday season.

Pina Colada SmoothieLynn demonstrates how to make a refreshing Pina Colada Smoothie. This is super delicious and you can add Rum, if you desire.

Pineapple SmoothieA delicious smoothy recipe that is refreshing and healthy. Adapted from Williams Sonoma.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee CreamerA homemade version of a popular coffee creamer found in grocery stores this time of year. Very easy and delicious.

Pumpkin Spice LatteLynn demonstrates how to make a great drink for the Fall, a Pumpkin Spice Latte. This is a very popular drink this time of year and is super easy to make at home.

Raw Spice Bar Detox Green SmoothieA Detox Green Smoothie using the Power Spice Blend from Raw Spice Bar.