Hot Spiced Tea MixA great idea for gift giving to neighbors, teachers or anyone you would like to remember during the holiday season with a small gift.

Hot Spinach-Artichoke DipThis is a delicious hot dip that is great served as an appetizer for a party or any occasion requiring an appetizer.

How to Toast Nuts

Using just a frying pan to toast nuts makes it a super fast and delicious way to bring out the flavor. Use these nuts for salads or to just snack on.

Hummingbird BarsHummingbird Bars are a very simple dessert recipeand are great to take to a party or to have as a snack.

HummusThis is a great and healthy dip for a party or to just have for lunch with pita bread or chips.

Hush PuppiesSuper easy and delicious Hush Puppies. This is normally served as a side dish with fish and seafood.

Homemade French Vanilla CoffeeA homemade coffee creamer that has none of the undesirable ingredients that a store bought coffee creamer might contain.